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One Simple Fee

Unlike our competitors, Homestead Inspections charge flat rate fees for inspection services, no matter the size or layout of the home. No up charges based on square footage or home features. We accept all forms of payment including Cash, Debit, Cheque and Credit. 

Why Hire Us?

Our inspectors take the time to make sure you truly understand the details in your inspection report. They will be there to answer any questions you may have throughout the inspection process. That way you can be rest assured you know the true condition of your future home.

Comprehensive Visual Inspection Reports

At the end of your home inspection, our inspectors will provide you with a comprehensive digital report, complete with photos and videos including objective observations which capture the conditions of the home.

You‘re not just buying an inspection. You’re gaining peace of mind about a major investment in your FUTURE
– Adam Stauble



150+ Point


250+ Images

With Every Report

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Caitlin Fike Avatar
Caitlin Fike
11/08/2022 - Google

As a realtor I only recommend the best of the best to my clients. I know that they are in the best hands with Homestead. Recently Chad found something on an inspection, recommended a foundation specialist and saved my client... read more

Tomica Pisačić Avatar
Tomica Pisačić
11/06/2022 - Google

Highly professional company, would definitely recommend!

Tracy W Avatar
Tracy W
11/03/2022 - Google

Adam was amazing and super lovely! He caught a few very important issues with our new home. One issue could have cost us thousands to fix, we would not have found it on our own until it was too late.... read more

Thermal Imaging On Every Inspection

Many other home inspection companies charge extra for the use of a thermal camera during a home inspection. Not us, thermal imaging is included on every inspection at no extra cost. It is an essential tool for the inspection of any home. 

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